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Chronic Care Management

Rosseau Connect Chronic Care

Rosseau Connect Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management just got personal

The National Health Council estimates that 133 million Americans currently suffer from a chronic illness, and as the baby boomers age, that number will increase to 157 million. About a third of the population is living with multiple chronic conditions. 

That’s a lot of people to monitor, and doctors can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why Remote Patient Monitoring is more important than ever before. 

Streamlined care for patients.

Now it’s easier than ever for clinicians to monitor their patients remotely. The Cloud DX Remote Patient Monitoring system allows clinicians to view key medical patient data with the same accuracy from the patient’s home as in the exam room. Vitals such as weight, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, and temperature.
Rosseau Connect Chronic Care Medical Data

What Clients Are Saying

  • My first exposure to Pulsewave came when a patient at our clinic presented with vague symptoms in her chest. She brought her Pulsewave print-outs with her. I could see from the Pulsewave reading that her heart seemed to skip every fourth beat - yet her initial ECG was normal. Further tests were performed and it appeared she had a mild heart attack. She required an angiogram which proved she had a blocked coronary artery and required a stent. Pulsewave detected an irregular heart beat, which was caused by her heart attack. Pulsewave had quickly, non-invasively revealed a serious heart condition. If it were not for Pulsewave's ability to detect her abnormal rhythm she may not be leading the full and vibrant life she deserves! ~ Dr Anil Gupta, Cardiologist, Trillium Heart Centre, Toronto ON

Rosseau Connect Chronic Care Readings

Increased revenue

Remote patient monitoring services are now covered under the new CMS reimbursement rules, so you can get paid for the care you’re already delivering. 

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Rosseau Connect Health Kit

Increased patient compliance

The Cloud DX Connected Health Kit comes with everything all ready to go, right out of the box. The Pulsewave app will open automatically and bluetooth devices are already paired. Even technology-averse clients will have no problem recording their data and viewing their results.

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Rosseau Connect Chronic Care Increased Knowledge

Increased knowledge

Clinicians can view data 24/7, and set up custom targets and notifications to monitor patients closer than ever before. The Cloud DX smart Notifications will alert your care team when readings exceed the limits you set, and patients can easily measure their targets against the Trend and Average Health Gauges.

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