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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Rosseau Connect ECG Monitoring

Rosseau Connect ECG Monitoring At Home

Detailed Blood Pressure and pulse rate monitoring made easy

Gone are the days of needing multiple systems to measure multiple indicators of health. The Cloud DX unique Pulsewave device works with a computer or Android tablet to give accurate, precise readings in real time. 

The soft, comfortable wrist cuff collects data non-invasively from around 4,000 data points on the radial artery and gives instantaneous results right on the screen.

The data is crunched and analyzed by a cloud-based ‘analytics engine’ to deliver complete and accurate results in less than a matter of seconds. 

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What Clients Are Saying

  • “My first exposure to Pulsewave came when a patient at our clinic presented with vague symptoms in her chest. She brought her Pulsewave print-outs with her. I could see from the Pulsewave reading that her heart seemed to skip every fourth beat - yet her initial ECG was normal. Further tests were performed and it appeared she had a mild heart attack. She required an angiogram which proved she had a blocked coronary artery and required a stent. Pulsewave detected an irregular heart beat, which was caused by her heart attack. Pulsewave had quickly, non-invasively revealed a serious heart condition. If it were not for Pulsewave's ability to detect her abnormal rhythm she may not be leading the full and vibrant life she deserves!”
    – Dr Anil Gupta, Cardiologist, Trillium Heart Centre, Toronto ON

Rosseau Connect Blood Pressure Monitoring

Precision results

In third party testing, the Pulsewave monitor proved to be as accurate as an intra-arterial catheter - the gold standard in blood pressure monitoring.

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Rosseau Connect ECG Monitoring Screening Tools

Innovative screening tools

The innovative Cloud DX Total Anomaly Score measures 7 different pulse anomalies so clinicians can easily discern changes in patterns or worsening symptoms.

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Rosseau Connect ECG Monitoring Unlimited Access

Unlimited access

The Clinician Dashboard offers Practitioners a way to remotely monitor patients and easily view historical medical data for each patient. With ‘notifications’ to clinicians about risks and changes through their smartphone or tablet.

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