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About Rosseau Connect

Rosseau Connect About Us

Rosseau Connect empowers clinicians and patients by integrating technology and innovation for the highest level of care.

More access. Better outcomes.

Patients today have access to more information and education than ever before. We connect patients and clinicians through leading technology, which leads to more personalized care and better patient outcomes.

Healthcare at your fingertips

We make it easy for patients to monitor their health with the Cloud DX Connected Health Kit. It’s designed to “just work” right out of the box, so patients can start tracking their vitals easily and efficiently.

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Comfort and Efficiency

The Pulsewave Health Monitor is easy to use, more comfortable than traditional blood pressure cuffs, and lets patients see their progress on the screen in real time.

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Devices people want to use

Doctors love that patients are more likely to track their vitals with personalized reminders for readings and medications. Patients love that they can own their health and see their target values right on the screen of the provided Android tablet.

More access to healthcare

Remote Patient Monitoring allows clinicians to better help more people, and reduce unnecessary doctor’s visits, emergency room visits, and long hospital stays

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What Clients Are Saying

  • My first exposure to Pulsewave came when a patient at our clinic presented with vague symptoms in her chest. She brought her Pulsewave print-outs with her. I could see from the Pulsewave reading that her heart seemed to skip every fourth beat - yet her initial ECG was normal. Further tests were performed and it appeared she had a mild heart attack. She required an angiogram which proved she had a blocked coronary artery and required a stent. Pulsewave detected an irregular heart beat, which was caused by her heart attack. Pulsewave had quickly, non-invasively revealed a serious heart condition. If it were not for Pulsewave's ability to detect her abnormal rhythm she may not be leading the full and vibrant life she deserves! - Dr. Anil Gupta, Cardiologist, Trillium Heart Centre, Toronto ON

Rosseau Connect About Patient Data

24/7 access to patient data

The Cloud DX Pulsewave Connected Health System tracks vital signs at home and in the exam room.

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Rosseau Connect About ECG Monitoring

Non-invasive Blood Pressure monitoring

The Pulsewave cuff gathers about 4,000 data points from the radial artery for the most accurate results.

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Rosseau Connect About Medical Alerts

Manage chronic conditions

Early intervention is so important. Remote patient monitoring alerts clinicians to changes in patterns and anomalies so they can recommend medications, change behavior, or make a house call. 

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